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Music Video


  A mysterious figure appears in the woods. Is it the Sasquatch of ancient suburban legends? Alas, the beast quickly fades into the wilderness from which it came.

Kenny's Krew presents their latest hit, "Poetry Soldier."

(sPaM records)

"A superb film"- Anonymous

"What's-His-Name's finest work"- Anonymous

"Bravo. (sob) BRAVO!"- Anonymous



Alien Autopsy

Coming Soon...

  Everyone dreads the tax collector, and every April 15th he's unstoppable...or is he? This unique footage was swiped from a secret military installation. This clip contains important proof of alien sasquatch impersonators among us.

-The Sasquatch trap LIVE webcam

-The Sasquatch Herd (NEW FOOTAGE!)

-Sasquatch: The Musical

-New Verses to "Poetry Soldier"


All movies require QuickTime 4.