Kenny's Laws

"Investigate, Formulate, Complicate"





There is a certain person known as Kenny. He has the power to discover the fundamental laws that govern our lives. These are Kenny's Laws.*

 WELCOME to Kenny's Laws, a site concerning the intricacies of life. Yes, the content is very profound, and the information found here will definitely waste your time. Tread carefully, and you may find insight into stuff.

As you may have noticed, this site has been redesigned. We would like to thank the three people that participated in our online poll. Of course, we have not ansvered any of your demands, but rest assured, 100% new content is on its way.

  Kenny, left, poses with a world-famous Sasquatch hunter, right.  


*We're kidding. Do not take this site seriously.

Kenny's Laws is not the official authority on anything, nor does it express the views of any group that actually matters. Failure to not care about this site may be punished by a rubber-chicken beating.

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